About Us

Our Mission Statement is:

Stepping Stones, Inc. prides itself on connecting people to needed resources whether they have a history of domestic violence and/or sexual assault or not. We work to help all people by networking within our community. 

 Our mission: to provide FREE safety, education, and prevention to those affected by DV (domestic violence), SA (sexual assault), and IPV (intimate partner violence) in a nonabrasive-nonjudgmental-individualized manner, treating each person’s needs as if they were the last person standing

History of Stepping Stones, Inc.
  • In 1978, a group called "Taylor County Citizens Against Domestic Abuse, or TCCADA", was formed to create public awareness and assist families and individuals experiencing domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • That same year, TCCADA was given a small room at the courthouse and we began assisting individuals with restraining orders and court processes to help keep individuals safe.
  • In May of 1992, the name TCCADA was changed to Stepping Stones, a grant was received, and the shelter house was purchased and opened.  Stepping Stones became upset when the location of the house was written in the local newspaper.
  • As years went on, our main focus became prevention education.  Today, we pride ourselves in providing many lessons about domestic violence recognition, prevention, healthy relationships, and healthy boundaries in our schools and community.
  • In early 2006, Board member Gene Wirz announced that his daughter Mary, an interior design expert, would volunteer her time to provide the shelter with a much needed face lift.  The work began in May of 2006.
  • In 2008, the Board of Directors voted to publicize the location of our shelter so that victims can easily access our services, donors know where we are, and volunteers can readily find us.